We ship models around the world by Post with track number.
The speed of delivery on average, 3 to 6 week. Because of the current situation there may be an increase in the delivery time due to land delivery across the border with Russia (by water in the USA). 
And also it is impossible to send to the following countries: Australia, Finland, Poland. As of April 13, 2022
Shipping costs depend on the weight of the models and automatically calculated when ordering:
  <250 grams - $ 14
  <500 grams - $ 19
<1000 grams - $ 29
<2000 grams - $ 39
<3000 grams - $ 43
<4000 grams - $ 47
<5000 grams - $ 49
Buy more - save on shipping !

We send the tracking number by email to you so that you can track your delivery from us to you.

How to know shipping costs:

You must order models by clicking on the blue button "Add to cart".
The items added in your cart are displayed in your shopping cart on the upper right hand side of the page.
Click on show cart to display your shopping cart, then click on "Checkout" on the bottom right hand side.
At this point you will be shown a summary of the items in your cart and shipping cost (top right corner).

To save on shipping can go to the store and add more models, checking the shipping cost is not increased.
Also, you can cancel this unfinished order.