Mercedes-Benz W116 450 SEL Militia USSR 1:43 DeAgostini World's Police Car #22

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New in blister.

New in blister.

A collection of scale models police cars from different countries and years. In each edition World Police Car - diecast model in 1:43 scale: Полиция, Policía, Polizei, Polícia, Rendőrség, משטרה , Policija, Politi, Policja, Polis, Poliisi, Policie, Polis, Politsei, η αστυνομία, Polizia, Politie.

The similar partworks in world could be published in different magazines: Altaya, Ge Fabbri, Hachette or Eaglemoss.
The series was produced in Ukraine, Belarus and Poland Kultowe Wozy Policyjne.

Vehicle Type Police Vehicle
Brand DeAgostini World's Police Car
Vehicle Make Foreign (outside Russia)
Condition New
Scale 1:43